Construction Projects

New Well Manifold Facilities EPC Project for Tatweer Petroleum

New Tank Battery Facilities EPC Project for Tatweer Petroleum

RO3 Demin Plant Project for ALBA

AGEP Phase 4 Compressor Station Project for Tatweer Petroleum

LPG Treating Project for BAPCO

#3 SRU Civil and Mechanical Modification Project for BAPCO

Construction of New Compressor Station-7 for BANAGAS

Kero-Merox Project for BAPCO

ALBA Line 5 Expansion Projects

BANAGAS Compressor Station No. 9 & CGP Control Building

BAPCO In-line Blending (ILB)Project

BAPCO & Neste Oil OYJ Lube Base Oil Project (LBOP)

BAPCO Low Sulphur Diesel Production Project (LSDP)

BAPCO Refinery Gas De-sulphurization Project (RGDP)

BAPCO Installation of New Waste Water Treatment Plant facilities

GPIC Construction of High Pressure Steam Boiler Project

GPIC Carbon-di-oxide Recovery (CDR) Project

BANAGAS Design, Fabrication, Supply and Installation of Absorber Column 204-C-014A